Organization helping WNY teachers

Ready 4 School

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – Not every student’s parents can afford the supplies they need for school, which can put a strain on their teachers. T…

In this Tuesday, Aug. 18, 2015 photo, bicyclists pedal along the Bloomingdale Trail in Chicago. The trail was once an abandoned Chicago railway line that has been transformed into a bike corridor. This relic of the city’s industrial past is now a vision of its future. Chicago is helping lead the way as American cities transform hulking pieces of obsolete infrastructure into useful, even inspiring, amenities. (AP Photo/Christian K. Lee)

Cycling injuries on the rise

There may be one down fall to cycling as a medical journal is reporting a rise in injuries reported.

school hate

What to do when your child hates school

Psychologist Dr. David Lowenstein said it is typical for all students to be nervous as they adjust to the start of a new school year especia…