School whistleblower claims retaliation


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – Parents and supporters rallied outside Buffalo’s Harvey Austin School, saying retaliation against a parent leader is hurting her child’s education.

Timeka Jones told News 4 last October that the school’s principal forged her signature on a document used to secure education funding.

On Thursday, the people attending a rally outside the school say teachers are retaliating against Jones by demanding a union representative be present just to talk to her about her daughter’s struggles in the classroom.

These parents say Jones did nothing wrong by blowing the whistle on the principal.

Sam Radford of the District Parent Coordinating Council said, “She has every right to say that her signature should not be forged, and her children should not get consequences because she did this. So now for them to affect her child’s education, because of that it crosses a very, very serious line.”

Parent leaders are calling on the Buffalo schools to implement a “whistleblower protection policy” for both parents and students.

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