Olivia Denny is a Nov. scholar athlete


BARKER, N.Y. (WIVB) – Whether it’s field hockey, softball or high school chemistry, Olivia Denny is a go-getter, looking to leave her mark on the Barker High School community.

Denny is a four-year contributor to three different sports and has been playing on varsity for a long time. She has a 100 average in the classroom, is number one in her class right now, and took her field hockey team to the state semifinals last month.

“I have been MVP for [all the sports I play] at some point in my career,” Denny said.

Her attitude in athletics is the same in the classroom.

Denny said, “I always just want to do my best and hopefully that will be enough and it will pay off next year.”

Her field hockey coach says Denny is very motivated.

“She pushes herself. She pushes her teammates constantly,” said coach Jeff Costello.

Denny hopes to play field hockey next year at the University of Rochester while majoring in bio-chem and pursuing a career as a pharmacist.

Before she heads off to college, she’s looking to make her mark.

“I hope to show them that if you just work hard and do all that you can it really does pay off and it can lead you somewhere good in the future,” she said.

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