Baby removed from home after homicide


Erie County is weighing in on a tragic situation, after a little girl’s death in Amherst last weekend. An autopsy has confirmed three-year-old Mayouna Smith’s death was a homicide from blunt force trauma.

Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz released a statement Saturday, saying his administration and the Department of Social Services never received reports of prior physical abuse against Mayouna Smith. The county says they carefully reviewed their Child Protective Services records and found no evidence of a prior report.

After Mayouna’s death, there are two investigations happening. Amherst Police, with the District Attorney, and the Erie County Department of Child Protective Services are working to learn more about Smith’s death. A one-month-old baby has been removed from the household and placed into foster care. Another child with connections to individuals from this case has been visited to ensure the child’s safety.



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