Meth lab found in Village of Fredonia

fredonia meth bust

Police shutdown a suspected meth lab in Chautauqua County on Monday. Investigators searched a home on Washington Avenue in the Village of Fredonia and say they found evidence of a meth lab inside.

Two residents of the location were found inside the home. One of the tenants, 20-year-old Jessica C. Fulmer, was found to be on bench warrants from Village of Fredonia Court and two other locations in Erie County. She was taken into custody and will be held pending arraignment on those charges.

David Bentley of the Southern Tier Regional Drug Task Force said, “This is an ongoing investigation. Anytime you begin investigating meth labs, more likely than not you’re going to encounter more than one. Cooks typically teach other people how to cook, and at this point, we’re trying to track down those leads.”


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