Lt. who challenged sheriff in election resigns

Bert Dunn

Bert Dunn, a lieutenant with the Erie County Sheriff’s Office, has resigned just months after losing an election to incumbent Sheriff Tim Howard.

Sheriff Howard says Dunn turned in a letter of resignation around 3 p.m. on Tuesday to the chief of his division.

During his campaign last year, Dunn made specific allegations about misconduct and problems inside the sheriff’s office. Sheriff Howard was looking for answers about these allegations from Dunn and requested he submit answers about the allegations in writing.

Tuesday was the deadline for Dunn to turn in those written answers. Instead of submitting the answers to the sheriff’s questions, Dunn resigned.

Sheriff Howard says his investigation was not vengeful and was not adversarial. He says Dunn had an obligation, as an employee, to report misconduct and didn’t.

Dunn’s resignation was effective immediately. Someone will fill in while his post is filled.

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