Men accused of frightening holdups face judge

Reinard Arroyo

Two suspects accused in a string of frightening holdups faced a judge Friday morning. The men accused of a rash of robberies were in Cheektowaga Town Court.

Police say it’s possible 29-year-old Anderson Arroyo and 45-year-old Timothy Reinard committed 21 robberies in the past month. Authorities say they were arrested after robbing a NOCO Express on Transit Road.

Authorities say the pair caught an officer’s eye when they ran a red light. It turns out they turned down a side street in Cheektowaga and told the officers they were on their way to Lockport.

Police say they found hooded sweatshirts, bandanas, gloves and a gun in the suspect’s car. Cheektowaga Police Captain Jim Speyer says there may be other suspects, but he is confident Arroyo and Reinard committed the crimes.

Speyer said, “We are completely confident that these two were the ones that were committing a majority of these robberies. Could there have been others that worked with them? Sure that’s a very good possibility. We’re going to look into that but we believe we have the main players locked up.”

Arroyo and Reinard are facing a list of charges, including felony criminal use of a firearm and robberies. The two are expected back in court next Wednesday.

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