Lawmaker pushes local pet shop law


AMHERST, N.Y. (WIVB)- A local lawmaker wants to make it a little harder to get a pet at a local pet shop. He says changes need to happen to keep animals safe. This is something that we could start to see across New York State.

Individual cities and towns regulating the sale of dogs and cats at pet stores, it’s something that’s been years in the making. Councilman Mark Manna has teamed up with an animal right’s group to stop the sale of dogs and cats in pet stores, unless the animal comes from a breeder, shelter, or rescue.

Governor Cuomo has signed a law, giving town leaders the right to create this kind of legislation. Amherst would be the first town to create this kind of law and Manna says it’s necessary.

He says, even though pet owners have bought or are planning to buy a dog from a pet store, that dog could have come from a puppy mill.

Manna said, “We’re not saying that any petstore can’t sell dogs, but the dogs should come from a healthy environment, but should not come from a puppy mill or a middle man that gets them from a puppy mill. They should get them from rescue organizations or county or town shelters.”

Right now this is just a proposal that will be up for discussion Monday at 7 p.m. at Amherst Town Hall.

Manna says he’s facing some opposition from pet store owners, but he says this is necessary to give dogs and cats a better, healthier life.

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