Sabres GM on Miller trade: “not when, it’s if”

Tim Murray

Buffalo Sabres General Manager Tim Murray says putting together a Ryan Miller trade is not a sure thing, leading up to the NHL trade deadline.

Murray spoke before tonight’s 3-2 loss in Ottawa, but did not sound optimistic about a potential deal.

“I don’t know if the right deal is going to come along,” said Murray. “It’s not when, it’s if, moreso than when. I just think that there has to be certain types of players and prospects involved in a deal like that. So, I just need a team that thinks the same way.”

On the plus side, there is plenty of time to construct any potential deals. The NHL’s Olympic trade freeze kicks in Friday at 3pm, but Murray said tonight, he has never viewed that as much of a deadline.

The actual trade deadline hits March 5th, and GM’s can discuss potential deals throughout the Olympics, according to Murray.

“I’m making a lot of calls, but I’m making them to guys that called me first,” said Murray.


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