Sabres spokesman feels secure in Sochi


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB)- Athletes in Sochi will start competing Thursday, one day ahead of the opening ceremony. Thursday morning, the focus isn’t on the games, it’s on a new security threat.

U.S. officials are warning airlines that terrorists could target planes headed for Russia by smuggling explosives into toothpaste or cosmetic tubes.

Sabres Spokesperson Mike Gilbert is at the games. He spoke to News 4 Thursday, and had no idea there was a terror warning until News 4 asked him about it.

Gilbert said, “Nobody was talking about it and there hasn’t been any real security concerns at all. I think it’s kind of being overblown because here inside Olympic Park it’s very secure and there really hasn’t been any threat at all, feeling unsafe. It’s just the opposite, it’s very secure.”

A federal official tells CBS News the new warning originated after the arrest of Chechen female suspects in Austria and France. Terrorists carried out twin suicide bombings in Volgograd, not far from Sochi, in December and Muslim militants have vowed more attacks.

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