Senior citizen dies in Clarence trailer park fire

76 year old Nelsonia Voight died in a fire at the Sheridan Park Village in Clarence Friday night.

Flames broke out around 7:45 p.m. at the trailer park on Sheridan Drive near Main Street. The trailer is a total loss and will have to be torn down. Voight was pronounced dead at the scene.

The woman lived in the trailer alone and neighbors say she used oxygen. Though fire investigators are still working to determine the cause of the blaze, there were oxygen tanks inside the trailer and it’s possible the tanks accelerated the fire.

An autopsy conducted by the Erie County Medical Examiner’s office Saturday determined that her death was caused by smoke inhalation.  Erie County Sheriff’s fire investigators have determined the cause of the fire to be accidental, and may have been caused by careless smoking.

There were no other injuries and the fire did not spread to any of the other trailers in the park.


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