Dog found after being lost for over two years

OAKFIELD, N.Y. (WIVB) – This past week, Heather Captain, a Genesee county resident, rescued a dog that she had seen on the loose for some time.

The dog was often spotted in fields by neighbors, eating from bird feeders, from food that was left out, but no one was ever really able to get close to it.  It would just run off.

With this winter being so cold, Captain started to worry a little more and decided she was finally going to get a hold of it. She hopped on a snowmobile, caught the dog in a blanket, and then took her to the Batavia animal shelter.

The dog, named Molly, belonged to Ruth Bernhardt, a Hamburg resident. The dog went missing from Ruth’s daughter-in-law’s house in Oakfield back in November of 2011. Molly was found roughly two miles away by Captain between Alabama and Oakfield.

Bernhardt had only owned Molly for six months at the time she went missing and said she had never given up hope despite the rural area she was lost in.  When the two were re-united, Molly did a bit of a double take, gave Bernhardt a sniff, and immediately remembered her former owner.

Molly, a Shih Tzu mix, needed a little bit of grooming when she was brought into the shelter.


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