Schumer pushes tighter security at power plants

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WIVB) – A new report suggests a few moves from terrorists could cause huge problems to America’s power grid.

The Wall Street Journal first reported that a group of snipers destroyed 17 transformers at a substation in California’s Silicon Valley and almost caused power to the entire region to be shut down.

U.S. Senator Charles Schumar says the snipers were outside the security perimeter and that utilities need to implement tighter controls to prevent that kind of attack from causing chaos.

“I’ve asked the Department of Homeland Security to meet with the Federal Electric Regulatory Commission and come up with guidelines as to how we can protect ourselves. There are ways to do it. But unfortunately right now it’s sort of voluntary by a group called NERC, which is composed of the power companies themselves, and I don’t think that’s good enough given what happened,’ he said.

The sniper attack happened 10 months ago, but so far no one has been arrested.

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