Contest Winners

Discover the Dinosaurs: Chris Clements, Rachael Riedy, Shanna Wimble, Korie Maund and Daniel Brancato

Eastern Hills Mall Back to School: Becky Cole

Lucille Ball Comedy Festival: Christine Bangel and Suzanne Canfield

Attica Rodeo: Diane Carmichael and Ron Guard

Kingdom Bound 2014: Jody Roman, Ashley Lyons, Margaret Heary, Autumn Anthony, Michael Kick and Brianna Sansone

Buffalo Museum of Science – Mummies of the World: Patricia Theurer, William Crooks, Michelle Shealy, Amber Kerrison and Mary Helming

The Market in the Square: Christie Colts, Jill Morrison, Tracy Hangen and Rebecca Gourlay

School’s Out: Beth Ann Shamrock, Traci Taylor, Carl Dabek, Johanna Stabler, Jill Teller, Tamara Habershaw and Laura Skotarczak

Shea’s EVITA: Alessandra Duarte, Pam Sikorski, Amy Littlefield, Milly Ferrer and Pamela Mancini

Bisons Star Wars:  Kyle Quatraro, Tara Deane, Jennifer Carlson, Angela Marcolini and Molly Kennedy

Dick Miller Florist:  Richard Quay

SHEN YUN:  Deborah Mallery, Leah Weiss, Kelly Eley, Michelle Clark, Lynn Littlefield, Dawn Waschensky, Stephanie Gresko,  Donna Barnes and Tammy Kelly

Romeo & Juliet:  Rachel Hoyt, Karla Wayne, Beata Kraft, Kyle Quatraro and Susan LaBasco

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