West Seneca residents clean up after second flood


WEST SENECA, N.Y. (WIVB) – For the second time in six weeks water has seeped into some West Seneca homes.

Instead of a couple of feet of water in her basement like last time, Stephanie Serrano only has a couple of inches.

She said to see the water enter her home once again is devastating.  “This is awful,” she told News 4, “I can’t live like this. We can’t live here.”

A contractor was getting ready to finish putting up dry wall and cabinets, which were damaged time time her home flooded, this week but now the family doesn’t know if they even feel like finishing the repairs yet. “It’s another setback and it’s going to keep setting us back until something is actually done,” Serrano said.

Friday’s flood was caused by an ice jam in Buffalo Creek.  The water forced residents in the Lexington Green neighborhood to evacuate their homes. Neighbors agree they want something to change soon before the next thaw comes.

“Saying that you’re watching the creek is not enough. We need action; not looking at it,” said Serrano.

Saturday morning West Seneca’s Town Supervisor Sheila Meegan had an emergency meeting with city leaders to address the flood and ways to prevent it from happening again.

“We have to fix that berm.  It’s going to be the shield that’s necessary, in my opinion. I’m not an engineer but I know the water came in at the very point where the berm ends,” said Meegan.

Meegan said the town will vote on Monday about sending a formal proposal to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to study what long-term solution should be applied.

Afterwards, the Corps will need funds and congressional authorization in order to proceed.

In the short-term, Meegan said additional sandbags will be dropped off to homes in flood-prone areas. She also said that they’re looking into whether pumps can be placed in neighborhoods when there’s a threat of a thaw coming.

Meegan also said local officials are in contact with the Governor Cuomo’s office to request state aid and hope help may come soon.

“There’s $200 billion set aside for natural disasters or a man-made disaster in the budget. Our hope is that we’re going to receive some compensation for these homeowners” said Meegan.

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