FBI warns public about untrustworthy websites

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – The FBI is sending out a warning Monday afternoon. They’re asking people not to blindly trust everything they see on the internet.

FBI Buffalo Division Special Agent in Charge Brian Boetig said people should go to reputable websites or the homepage of the source you’re looking up. Investigators say a hacker recently used Google maps to secretly tape FBI and Secret Service phone calls. The FBI says people should double check phone numbers they look up online.

“They should also try to verify information that they see online. Looking at multiple sources often times criminals will corrupt one particular website. There may be inaccurate information at one place but if you search around and do a couple of logical searches you’ll be able to find that that information doesn’t’ fit with other information,” said Boetig.

Also if you visit a website and think there might be some suspicious activity, Boetig explained that people should stop at that point and back out. He says that way people don’t get themselves too deep in a bad situation.

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