Crews rescue teens from grain elevator

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – Thursday afternoon police and firefighters spent hours trying to bring two teens to safety. Firefighters had to rescue them after they climbed up onto a grain elevator.

After the incident, first responders are asking people to stay away from the grain elevators. They say this is an example of how climbing up them is dangerous.

The girls climbed about 50 feet up to the sixth floor of Concrete-Central grain elevator, in the 700 block of Ohio Street in South Buffalo. However, when the sun went down and the temperature dropped, the girls started to panic and couldn’t find their way out.

That’s when they had to call for help. When firefighters and police officers arrived, they realized that getting to the girls was no easy task.

Buffalo Fire Department Captain Thomas Reddington said, “There are numerous holes, it’s deteriorated quite a bit over the years with no upkeep on it. And lack of lighting up there that was the big thing too.”

“We had to carefully orchestrate each move we had to make up there. In order to safely get everybody down safe,” said Reddington.

Buffalo Fire Department Battalion Chief Mark Hillery said, “I would tell everybody to stay away from this place. There’s dangers everywhere. Even when walking on the railroad bed there’s holes that go down about eight feet.”

Firefighters say when they rescued the girls they were unharmed, just cold and scared. News 4 was told they went up there to take pictures, and Friday morning they are safe.

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