Police say luring incident was a miscommunication

TONAWANDA, N.Y. (WIVB) – City of Tonawanda Police say they located the driver a 17-year-old girl said tried to lure her into his vehicle. But the man won’t face any charges because it was all a miscommunication.

Detectives asked the public for help in locating the vehicle used in the incident Saturday afternoon on Delaware Avenue. Police were able to find the vehicle and the man at a nearby home.

Authorities say the man is a United States citizen of Ukrainian descent who does not speak English. They spoke to the man through a translator, and determined what took place on Saturday was a miscommunication. Capt. Frederic Foels says one of the issues in the incident was hand motions, but those have different meanings in other countries and he says the man was not trying to lure the girl into his vehicle.

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