Judge dismisses WNY man’s claim to part ownership of Facebook

BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) — A federal judge has officially closed the book on a Western New York man’s multibillion-dollar lawsuit claiming half-ownership of Facebook.

Judge Richard Arcara has granted Facebook and founder Mark Zuckerberg’s motion to dismiss Paul Ceglia’s lawsuit.

Last week’s ruling affirms a magistrate judge’s recommendation from a year ago that said the suit should be thrown out because the contract Ceglia based it on was faked.

Ceglia, of Wellsville, claimed he and Zuckerberg signed a software development contract in 2003 that included a provision entitling Ceglia to half ownership of Facebook in exchange for startup money for the budding company.

Facebook lawyers say the two had a contract but references to Facebook were slipped in for the lawsuit.

Meanwhile, Ceglia awaits trial on related criminal fraud charges. He’s pleaded not guilty.

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