Red Cross helping West Seneca flood victims

West Seneca, N.Y. (WIVB) — West Seneca families who have dealt with 2-major floods have some guidance thanks to the Buffalo chapter of the American Red Cross.

The organization held a community and home recovery fair at Saint John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church for people affected by flooding in the Lexington Green and Brian Lane area.

Agencies that rebuild the home and rebuild financial security were there, including Consumer Credit Counseling, the Better Business Bureau, ServPro, and National Fire Adjustors.

“Now that spring is finally here we’re hoping they can actually begin to move forward without concern of having additional damage, so now as people actually begin to look outside, and get a chance to clean out their basements and really get a handle on what their damages are, we’re trying to offer services to basically further the recovery along,” said Amanda Vallone, Senior Regional Disaster Program Manager, American Red Cross, Buffalo.

The Red Cross tells us some of the affected residents still aren’t living in the flooded homes.. while others have been able to move back.

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