New cell phone aimed at children

DENVER, C.O. (CBS) – How young is too young for cell phones? It’s a question many parents are pondering as technology increases.

Sprint has unveiled a new kid-friendly cell phone that’s being marketed for a very young demographic: 5- to 12-year-olds. News 4 checked and found the product is available here in Western New York.

The phone is being advertised all over the internet. It has a string to pull in case of emergencies. Parents can even program in very specific numbers their children are allowed to call.

Some educators say they are surprised by how many children bring cell phones to school but say they understand that it’s a good way for students to get in touch with their families.

Some parents in Colorado question the need for a phone. One said, “I have an 8- and 11-year-old, and I don’t feel there’s a need for cell phones. [There’s] no need to call me.”

Another remarked, “As long as the intended purpose is for communication for family and school, I’m okay with that.”

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