Police report finding handguns during traffic stop

State Police Photo

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) - New York State Police say they found two illegal handguns during a traffic stop on Bailey Avenue, Tuesday night. Police say they stopped the vehicle for having a loud exhaust.

When they spoke to passengers, they say 16-year-old Myron R. Thomas admitted having marijuana in his pocket.

As passengers got out of the vehicle, police say a 15-year-old exited the back seat. At that time, police say several 22 caliber bullets fell on the floor board.

Police say they found a 22 caliber Bersa Thunder 22 under the front passenger seat and a revolver under the driver’s seat. Police say the revolver’s serial number was scraped off and the Bersa 22 had been reported stolen to the Buffalo police department.

Police say driver 18-year-old Qualen Costner, of Cheektowaga, and his passengers Thomas, 17-year-old Lamar J. Haslam Jr., 17-year-old Montasia Trotter and 17-year-old Daitwon M. Lee, all of Buffalo, are charged with stolen property and weapon charges.

Costner also faces endangering the welfare of a child, Thomas faces unlawful possession of marijuana and Lee faces consumption of alcohol in a motor vehicle.

Two 15-year-olds were taken to the East Ferry Detention Facility pending arraignment.

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