Cuomo: Toy sold in Dollar Tree contains dangerous chemical

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – Governor Andrew Cuomo is asking the federal government to recall a toy sold in stores throughout New York State that contains a dangerous chemical.

The Governor’s Office says “Clingy Darts,” sold at stores such as Dollar Tree, contain six times the federally allowable limit of the chemical phthalate Di(2-ethylhexyl), also known as DEHP. The National Toxicology Program has determined the chemical causes reproductive and developmental damage in animals, and has concerns it poses a risk to infants and toddlers.

New York Department of State’s Division of Consumer Protection is asking the federal Consumer Product Safety Commission to request a national recall of “Clingy Darts.” The agency has also asked Dollar Tree to remove the toy from its shelves and discontinue its sale.

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