Hundreds of new solar energy jobs could be coming to Buffalo

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – Solar Frontier, one of the largest and fastest growing global solar companies, could open their next manufacturing plant in Buffalo, a move that would create 250 new jobs.

Dr. Pradeep Haldar, Vice President of Entrepreneurship Innovation and Clean Energy Programs at SUNY Nancoscience and Engineering College, near Albany is working closely with the global solar company. The company makes solar panels that get hooked up to the power grid and convert sun rays to energy without using any fossil fuel. CNSE got Solar Frontier’s attention, for research and development, and from there the company’s attention turned to Buffalo.

“This is expected to create around 250 direct manufacturing jobs and were estimating around 1,000 other subcontractors indirect jobs,  suppliers in and around the region,” said Dr. Haldar.

One of the sites being considered is the 200-acre urban development Riverbend area in South Buffalo.

“Solar industry has been growing at about 20 to 25 percent annually for the last 10 to 15 years,” said Dr. Haldar.

Increasing demand for solar energy means more jobs. Dr. Halder says if the manufacturing plant is opened in Buffalo its size could triple over the next few years.

Additional announcements could be made in the coming months. The plant should be opened somewhere in 2015.

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