Seneca Nation funding more school resource officers

IRVING, N.Y. (WIVB) – Substance abuse is escalating among the citizens of Seneca Nation.

The tribal council hopes to break the cycle of abuse by educating children at a young age and cutting down on their exposure to drugs and alcohol.

The Seneca Indians contributed a million dollars two years ago to put school resource officers in Gowanda and Salamanca School Districts. Wednesday, they announced another $750,000 to add officers to the Lake Shore and Silver Creek School Districts.

Those school resource officers will also be part of after school activities on the Nation’s territories as well as in the schools.

Seneca Nation Tribal Councilor Nikki Seneca said, “I think they really bring a positive to each school to help the students deal with everyday life as well as the things that are preying on our children all the time, the drugs, the alcohol the bullying issues.”

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