Board, parents argue over how meeting was set up

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – Though they agreed to sit down together to discuss the issues Wednesday night, no significant progress was made between parents and the Buffalo School Board.

A lot was on the table, from the merger of schools to transfers, to future plans for buildings. Parents have been pushing for a meeting so they could get answers from board members.

However, during the session, the two sides argued about how the meeting was organized.

Buffalo School Board Member Dr. Theresa Harris Tigg said, “We talked about it with Mr. Radford that the items were the same. But there has to be time constraints Mr. McCarthy.”

McCarthy said, “I understand that, seven o’clock.”

Harris Tigg said, “So we’re going to more forward, you’re taking up time now.”

The two sides did agree during the session that they will sit down again in the future.

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