Door comes off Mercy Flight helicopter during flight

NORTH BOSTON, N.Y. (WIVB) — A Mercy Flight representative confirms to News 4 that the door of one of their helicopters came off the track and fell from the helicopter into a creek below in North Boston on Sunday.

The crew of a pilot, nurse and paramedic were the only ones on the flight.  They had previously left Women and Childrens’ Hospital where they had dropped off a patient and were heading back to the base in Olean when the incident occurred.

After the door came off the helicopter, the pilot landed the helicopter without incident, nearby in the area of South Abbott and Herman Roads in Boston.

No one on the helicopter or people in the area below were injured and there was no property damage.  The door was recovered and the helicopter put on a flatbed and taken to the Mercy Flight hanger in Buffalo.  Maintenance crews will now try to figure out why the door came off the helicopter.




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