State Senate passes bill making yogurt official snack of NYS

chobani yogurt

ALBANY, N.Y. (WIVB) – The State Senate has passed legislation that would make yogurt the official snack of New York State.

The bill was sponsored by State Senator Michael Ranzenhofer, who was inspired by a letter from a fourth grade Byron-Bergen student, Craig Schroth.

“Yogurt is not only a delicious, healthy treat; it is also an economic driver for many communities in New York, with yogurt manufacturers located all across the State-from Western New York to Long Island. That is why yogurt is such a suitable choice to be New York’s State snack,” said Ranzenhofer.

The legislation now moves on to the State Assembly.

Other official state symbols include:

  • Beverage: 2% Milk
  • Muffin: Apple Muffin
  • Fruit: Apple
  • Tree: Sugar Maple
  • Flower: Rose
  • Shell: Bay Scallop
  • Freshwater Fish: Brook Trout
  • Salt Water Fish: Striped Bass
  • Bird: Eastern Bluebird
  • Mammal: Beaver
  • Reptile: Snapping Turtle
  • Gem: Wine-Red Garnet
  • Insect: Nine-Spotted Ladybug
  • Butterfly: Red-Spotted Purple/White Admiral
  • Bush: Lilac Bush
  • Fossil: Sea Scorpion
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