Some Orchard Park residents oppose soccer training facility

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WIVB) – Some residents in Orchard Park are concerned about plans to convert an abandoned stable on Freeman into a soccer training facility.

Critics fear the indoor soccer training would soon move outdoors and potentially diminish property values. A petition opposing the proposal already has about 200 signatures.

At a public hearing on the issue Wednesday night, one resident stated, “I really worry more or less about my property value. I’d rather see housing or condos, something that will bring revenue for the taxes.”

Supporters say it would save time and money for parents because they wouldn’t have to travel to other communities to allow their kids to train.

Mike Clough, president of the Orchard Park Soccer Club, said, “We’d like to give our kids a little more opportunity to train, a few times a week if possible. And also do that at an affordable cost and closer to home.”

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