SPCA seizes six horses from dilapidated farm

NEWSTEAD, N.Y. (WIVB) – The Erie County SPCA says officers seized six horses Thursday, five of which are emaciated, from a dilapidated farm in Newstead that is in a pre-foreclosure stage.

After receiving a warrant, officers removed the horses from a barn they say has holes in the roof, fencing in disrepair, and at least two stalls filled with around one foot of manure.

The SPCA says two of the horses are extremely thin, three are thin, and one is at a more acceptable weight. Some of the horses are in need of significant dental work, and one horse suffers from paraphimosis, which left untreated could lead to paralysis.

This is the second complaint the SPCA has received about these horses, though according to officers, an investigation in March showed the owner was caring for the animals.

Charges are now pending against the alleged horse owner.

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