Oliver headed to the Chargers

Branden Oliver

SAN DIEGO, CA (WIVB)–University at Buffalo’s former running back, Branden Oliver, is headed out west. On Tuesday Oliver agreed to a two-year deal with the San Diego Chargers despite the fact that Oliver had a rookie mini-camp tryout with the Indianapolis Colts

Oliver told news 4 sports Lauren Brill, “It’s a great feeling to just know that I get to do something I have already desired and have fun with.”

At 5’8 Oliver will be among the shorter running backs in the league. His height never stopped him at the collegiate level. Oliver broke several records during his tenure at UB including the all-time rushing record (4,049 yards) and the single-season rushing record (1,535 yards).

Oliver said, “There is nothing like working hard for something you desire, and I’ll keep working.

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