Buffalo’s VA faces backlog of claims

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – On the same day we remember those who’ve lost their lives, fighting for freedom, Buffalo’s VA hospital is facing increased scrutiny, with a backlog of benefits claims.

The VA defines backlog as those claims waiting more than 125 days for processing.

According to data, open to the public on the VA’s website, Buffalo has more than 7,000 benefits claims pending. That’s about 61-percent of claims.

That makes Buffalo’s processing among the slowest in the Eastern Area.

In that area, Baltimore had the biggest backlog with 61.5-percent of claims waiting to be processed.

Meantime, the nation’s lawmakers are focusing on the VA medical care scandal.

Right now, more than two dozen VA medical centers are being investigated because of wait times. That includes one facility in Phoenix, where up to 40 veterans possibly died waiting for care.

Many lawmakers want the Department of Justice to step in.

Over the weekend, the Obama administration said they are working to get veterans increased care at private hospitals and clinics, rather than facing long wait times at VA hospitals.

As for claims processing, President Obama says those times have been slashed in the last year.

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