Lewiston Police K9 Officer Radar passes away

LEWISTON, N.Y. (WIVB) – K9 Officer Radar passed away on Wednesday, Lewiston Police announced.

Officer Radar recently became ill during a certification training. He was taken to Cornell University, where he was diagnosed with spleen cancer.

His partner, Officer Scott Stafford, said, “We had may successful tracks with apprehensions, drug searches and money sniffs, along with some failures, too, but he was well respected in the law enforcement community. Radar was able to disrupt the lives of many criminals. For that he got my respect, my admiration and most of all my love. I truly believe Radar liked tracking criminals more then I do. It is never easy losing a pet but it seems a little bit harder to lose a partner, buddy and friend.”

Officer Radar was euthanized Wednesday to put an end to his suffering. He was the first K9 officer in the history of Lewiston Police.

“He is now watching over us with the rest of the guardians,” Officer Stafford said.

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