Residents want action over problem properties

TONAWANDA, N.Y. (WIVB) – Some residents in the Town of Tonawanda want to know what the town can do to ensure everyone’s a good neighbor.

They took their concerns to the Town Board over poorly maintained properties, some of which has grass over two-feet high, lawns littered with garbage, and holes in the roof.

Ed Omara said, “These are dangerous. People can get in these houses and they can be injured. It’s dirty, it’s a health hazard. People don’t cut the grass. Whether it’s foreclosed or not, someone’s supposed to be responsible for cleaning that property.”

He added, “The town is doing nothing. The grass has not been cut this year. Nothing is being done. We want some action. We want this place cleaned up. It’s not our responsibility, we pay our taxes. We are not being answered when we contact city hall.”

The town board is working to address some of those problem spots. The board held hearings on three separate properties Monday night.

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