Couple escapes fire with help of good Samaritans

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y.- A 911 call came into the Orchard Park Police dept. around 7 a.m. Saturday morning reporting a second story garage apartment fire at 4928 Chestnut ridge road.

Police tell News 4 that residents of the apartment had been awakened by the smell of smoke and upon investigation found their only way to exit the apartment was blocked by fire.

The residents, 25 year-old Brianca Parkin and her boyfriend Shawn Farrell, 33, were able to kick out the windows in their bedroom.

George Khangi, a nearby business owner and another unknown good Samaritan were able to assist the couple. Both Farrell and Parkin were able to jump to safety and escape the fire unharmed.

Orchard Park Police are investigating what caused the fire and say the structure appears to be a complete loss.

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