Intense flames with high temps make fire difficult to fight

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – Buffalo’s bravest were fighting flames and Mother Nature during an afternoon fire on Warwick Avenue.

Crews were called to a home around 4 p.m., and though no one was home, firefighters still had a tough task. The intense flames inside the homes combined with the hot and humid conditions outside made it difficult.

Div. Chief Michael Biasillo said, “This heat is really difficult on our guys. It’s pretty hot inside, and then you got this heat, and all this gear, I feel bad for them. It’s tough. Hydrate as best as possible, dehydration and heat exhaustion is the first thing we worry about, so luckily there was no injuries.”

Investigators don’t yet know what sparked the blaze, which did extensive damage to the house and some minor damage to a neighbor’s home.

Firefighters say there were oxygen tanks inside the house that threatened to make the fire worse, but luckily the tanks did not ignite.

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