Schumer pushes for changes at troubled VA Hospital

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – Senator Charles Schumer was in Buffalo Wednesday afternoon to begin his push to clear a backlog of requests for life-saving medical equipment at Buffalo’s VA Hospital.

He says doctors and patients have been waiting too long to receive important life-saving equipment. According to the senator, at least nine pieces of equipment have been stuck in backlog, some since 2012. Schumer says this problem impacts VA hospitals all over the country.

On Monday, President Barack Obama nominated Bob McDonald as the next secretary of Veteran Affairs. Schumer is urging the new VA administration to focus on the backlogs. Last month, he introduced a new bill for better veterans care.

Schumer said, “Regardless of who they are and what theater they fought in, the bottom line is these vets deserve better, if not the best health care our country can provide.”

“We’ve heard about inconsistencies with doctor care, we’ve heard about veterans that go in for surgery and every time they go back to see how the surgery is progressing, a different doctor sees them, that’s not very good health care.”

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