Citizens do not want to see landfill expanded

PORTER, N.Y. (WIVB) – Opponents of a proposed expansion of the hazardous materials landfill in the Town of Porter say they’re running of time to stop it.

Waste Management wants to add 50 acres of landfill space to its CWM site off Balmer Road, just down the street from the Lewiston-Porter School.

Residents for Responsible Government President April Fideli said, “Every truck that goes to CWM drives right past the Lewiston-Porter School so every truck that landfills there drives right past my kid’s school and everyone else’s kids school every day.”

The current open landfill is near capacity.

Waste Management’s Lori Caso told News 4 an expansion is necessary because companies rely on their service to safely dispose of their waste and the alternative is much worse.

She explained, “There’s a need for places like this if you want to have a clean area, if you really are concerned about the environment, you want people like us at CWM that know what we’re doing that are seasonal professionals.”

Most of the material they deal with here is soil contaminated with PCBs and asbestos.

Caso said the site has, “200 monitoring wells, onsite DEC monitors that are here every day that we operate, people watching what we do we are the most highly monitored site in NYS.”

However, opponents say that’s not enough and they want the trucks hauling the waste off their streets and they want to pressure companies to handle their own waste on site.

State Senator George Maziarz said, “This is not the space for an expansion; we’ve had enough hazardous waste in this community and we are going to do all we can to protect it.”

A state hazardous materials board will determine whether to allow the expansion.

They will take public input at a hearing Wednesday, July 16 at 1 p.m. and another at 6 p.m. at the Lewiston-Porter high School Auditorium.

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