Police: Driver takes off running after illegal turn

anthony printup

NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. (WIVB) – State Police say a driver took off running when they tried to stop him for making an illegal turn.

Troopers on Packard Road in Niagara Falls on Tuesday say they saw a driver in a vehicle with out-of-state plates make an illegal turn. After police activated their lights, the drive stopped the car and took off running.

An investigation revealed 24-year-old Anthony Printup of Niagara Falls was behind the wheel. Officers say he was driving a vehicle that did not belong to him and the vehicle is both unregistered and uninsured.

Printup was contacted through his family and turned himself in. He is charged with resisting arrest, unlicensed operation, improper plates, uninsured vehicle and failing to obey a traffic control device.

He is due back in court next month.

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