Falling glass from Toronto high rise detours traffic


TORONTO, ONT. (WIVB) Falling glass from a downtown Toronto high rise closed University Avenue for a period on Thursday.

The Toronto Star reports it was the third time glass has fallen from the building housing the Shangri-La Hotel and condos in the past two years.

A panel broke and fell from a private patio on the 51st floor of the condo tower, throwing thick glass shards all over University Ave. and onto the sidewalk.

There were no reports of injuries and traffic was restored around 9 a.m.

Last September a 53-year old man was injured by falling glass from the 23rd floor of the same building.

Glass has fallen from the Toronto Trump Tower as well.  But that incident, in 2012, was due to a worker dropping the panel during installation.

Officials are looking into whether the glass or the installation may be faulty on the Shangri La Hotel building.

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