Goodwin dealing with Sickle Cell, asthma

Bills Steelers Football

PITTSFORD, N.Y. (WIVB) - When Bills wide receiver Marquise Goodwin walked off the field during Sunday’s practices, some fans assumed he was injured. Goodwin, however, cleared the air today with News 4 Sports Director Steve Vesey.

Since he was little, Goodwin has battled asthma, along with the sickle cell trait, which makes it difficult to breathe from time to time.

“I get half the oxygen to my blood, than normal people,” said Goodwin.

It is something he has to monitor, especially when he’s on the football field.

“It’s just hard to breathe at times. It could be just walking out here, and I’m like dang. If the air is heavy, it’s tough to breathe, it’s tough for me to get more oxygen through my blood,” said Goodwin.

More than anything, he wants fans to understand the issue, and realize he is not simply injury-prone.

“When people are wondering, why is this guy always getting walked off the field? That’s why. I just want you all to know, that’s why. It isn’t because I’m faking an injury, or because I’m injured. It’s because it’s a serious deal,” said Goodwin.



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