Law puts effort to spay or neuter island cats on hold

TONAWANDA ISLAND, N.Y. (WIVB) – Danielle Coogan worked hard to raise $6,000 to trap, spay, neuter and release cats on Tonawanda Island, but right now her project has been put on hold.

Coogan started Operation Island Cats because of the high number of cats on the island, many of which have been dumped there by owners. Kittens that are trapped are put into foster homes so they can put up for adoption, while adults are spayed or neutered and then released.

But now Operation Island Cats has been put on hold because of a city law that bans the trap and release of cats.

Coogan says she is working with the Niagara County SPCA and city officials to get the law changed as soon as possible.

She says the city is also considering funding the process.

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