Jim Kelly and investor reportedly met with Bills trust

jim kelly

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – The Buffalo News now reports Jim Kelly and bond investor Jeffrey Gundlach met with the Bills trust Thursday in Detroit.

The report says Kelly and Gundlach want stake in a bigger partnership in a possible bid for the team.

Donald Trump, Terry Pegula and the Toronto group led by Jon Bon Jovi are all expected to review the information on the franchise before formally submitting a bid. Former Sabres owner Tom Golisano has finally submitted his long-expected initial bid.

When it comes to the fans News 4 spoke to, Pegula is the clear favorite.

Steve Meli said, “He needs to move to Toronto, pack his gear and leave his filthy stinking paws off my football team. Do you read me loud and clear Jon? Take a hike bro.”

Steve Brchu said, “Probably the same guy who owns the Sabres.”

He was asked, “Terry Pegula?”

Brchu responded, “You betcha!”

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