Truck driver suffers burns in chlorine spill

TONAWANDA, N.Y. (WIVB) – A chlorine spill in the City of Tonawanda injured the driver and left a mess on the ground.

Emergency responders were called to Kohler Street, Wednesday morning, after 250 gallons of chlorine spilled onto the ground. The chemical is used to keep the water clean at a nearby public pool.

The truck driver suffered minor burns to his feet and jumped into the pool to rinse off.

Firefighters evacuated several homes, but say the spill did not pose a threat to area residents. They were allowed back in their homes a short time later.

Tonawanda Fire Chief Charles Stuart said, “The main hazard with this type of material is inhalation. So we evacuated the surrounding homes. Most of it did collect into the municipal sewer system.”

Investigators say a mechanical failure on the truck caused the leak.

The Department of Environmental Conservation cleaned up the scene.

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