Long-time community activist leaving Buffalo

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – Long-time community activist Darnell Jackson, best known for helping the City Grill turn himself in at News 4 studios, is leaving Buffalo.

He was in the news earlier this month when he filed a lawsuit against Reverend Darius Pridgen and his church over reward money involving that case.

Friday night, there was a going away party in his honor.

“I really love Buffalo. I love the community. I love the police, the government, but it’s just some people I dislike when they don’t do what they supposed to do. It’s just like when they hold me accountable. I break the law, they put me in handcuffs. So if they break the law by not serving out community or helping our poor people, then I’m going to put them in handcuffs,” Jackson said.

He is leaving the Queen City to be closer with family in North Carolina.

Jackson says he plans to continue his activism down south.

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