Polar bear cub Luna rescued after 14-foot fall at zoo

Buffalo Zoo's female polar bear cub, Luna.
Buffalo Zoo's female polar bear cub, Luna.

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) - Luna, the Buffalo Zoo’s female polar bear cub, had to be rescued after falling into a moat in her temporary exhibit, a Zoo official told News 4 on Saturday.

Adair Saviola, the Buffalo Zoo’s director of development and marketing, said Luna was walking along the edge of the moat when she fell in shortly after noon. It was about a 14-foot fall.

Zookeepers tried to coax Luna over to a set of stairs, so she could walk back up into the main exhibit, Saviola said. But Luna did not cooperate. Zookeepers used a dart to anesthetize the cub and remove her from the moat.

Veterinarians examined Luna, and say she will be fine.

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