Meteorologist Todd Santos participates in weather summit

BRECKENRIDGE, CO (WIVB) -  Scientists are meeting in Breckenridge, Colorado this week to explore the latest forecasting advancements and ways to monitor our changing planet.  4 Warn Meteorologist Todd Santos is at the Glen Gerberg Weather and Climate Summit. There are about 25 people listening to speakers and discussing the latest in meteorology and earth science with many others participating via the live 3

The summit started off with a discussion about the November blast in western New York. Buffalo’s forecast was the focus of the national community during that time.

PARTICIPATE | Watch the conference and ask questions here

Santos said there are big upgrades coming, including higher resolution upgrades to forecast models that the 4 Warn Weather team can start using Wednesday. co 2

Scientists are talking about new developments, not information they have studied in the past.


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