Muslim women answer questions about hijab in WNY

CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. (WIVB) – Muslim women in Western New York invited community members to learn more about their culture.

Today was “Hijab Day.” It’s an event being held around the world to educate people about the hijab and why Muslim women wear one.

At the Walden Galleria, people had the opportunity to ask Western New York Muslims questions about the head scarf and try one on themselves.

The hijab has a reputation for being oppressive, but today Muslim women stressed that’s not true.

“We’re here to just spread awareness and let people know what the hijab is, where it came from and why we wear it,” said Julie Boody, Asst. Executive Director of WNY Muslims. “The public is with this understanding [Muslim women] are forced to cover ourselves. Our reason for wearing it is freedom. It is not oppression by any means.”

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