UB on sustainability: “It’s a constant quest”

UB's Solar Strand

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB)- UB recently received a big kudos from the EPA for its green energy practices.

The university ranks number one on the EPA’s Green Power Partnership list for it’s size.

Students studying the environment told News 4 it’s proof UB is committed to sustainability.

“If everyone has an education in sustainability and knows how their interactions with the earth affect our climate, affect our resources, then we can move forward in a more positive way,” said Environmental Engineering student, Madeleine Dewey.

UB’s electricity comes from a couple places; a solar roof array on campus that’s been around for almost a decade, and the solar strand, which was designed to be like a park, so people can gather around it and spend time near the energy source.

UB also generates it’s own renewable energy on campus and buys renewable energy credits, which the EPA also recently recognized.

“Sustainability is not something that you can just check the box to. It’s a constant quest,” said UB’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Ryan Mcpherson.

Next on that quest is to become completely climate neutral by 2030, which means the university would have no carbon footprint at all.