More hateful, bizarre graffiti found in Arcade

ARCADE, N.Y. (WIVB) — Less than 24 hours after charging an adult and three teens with hate crimes for several acts of vandalism in the village, Arcade police uncovered more hateful and bizarre graffiti.

Police said the four admitted to the acts in Arcade and multiple other communities over the past few months.

And because of what was written in the most recent find, there may be additional charges tacked on as well.

Twenty-year-old Damien Brown, two 16-year-olds and one 17-year-old are facing charges of disorderly conduct, conspiracy and criminal mischief, which is normally a misdemeanor, but was bumped to a felony because these are considered hate crimes.

Each was arrested after Arcade police said they received several complaints overnight Friday about vehicles and stop signs being defaced.

Police later found two bridges that had similar markings, and the words “We did OP”.

This new graffiti was found late Monday, and includes phrases like “We did South Davis Elementary,” which is in Orchard Park.

Arcade Officer Michael Lococo said these are not just kids being kids, especially considering how widespread the damage is. He said the graffiti will cost time and money to remove.


“We are going to have to spend, the municipality is going to have to spend money, to send workers out here to clean this off of this bridge, another bridge down the road from here, as well as two stop signs that were spray-painted with vulgar language and completely cover the word stop on the stop sign, causing that to be a hazard as well for any traffic in that remote area,” Lococo said.

Lococo said the four who were arrested admitted to what was found in Arcade, and to vandalism in Orchard Park, Boston, Sardinia, Delevan and Yorkshire.

Each of the teens was charged and released to their parents, who are cooperating. Brown remains in jail on $3,000. The four are set to appear in court later this month.